25 March 2012

Weapon finished

Submitted it yesterday. Ridiculous tricount and all, still a lot of things I could fix. But next week we're having assessments and presentations, so time to get back to my FMP XD

10 March 2012

Darksiders II contest

Some concepts I did for the Darksider's II weapon contest. Turned out their style isn't as simple to replicate as it seems XD Not a great fan of the design, but I want to put as much time as possible into modelling and texturing it to a high standard. I probably won't win, but it would make a good portfolio piece in any case :)

04 March 2012


Finally did some lifedrawings with friends again. I've been neglecting portraiture sessions for ages now because of all the 3D work (and general lazyness), so the drawings came out pretty rusty :/ I should paint more.