18 January 2012

The Dollhouse - shameless promotion

Here's the reason why I'm barely updating this place lately:
The Dollhouse
This is my final major project blog I'm doing together with my friend Sai (aka Sade Ali :P). Back at the beginning of Semester 1 she came up with the idea of doing this awesome surreal Circus/love hotel and I knew I wanted to work on this straight away, even though employers will probably not be too impressed. Just opened this blog to public today - I was advised not to, but I'm too much of an attentionwhore to just keep it closed throughout the whole year. At the moment a lot of the stuff there is concept art, but we've entered the building stage this week, so expect lots of 3D.

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  1. checking your stuff, cool work. I got to your site from an image search for "duck nukem". I made a Doom 3 game mod called "Duck Nukem: 4 Feathers" a few years ago. Go to the PC game mod video tutorial page on my site to read about "Duck Nukem". http://www.trepaning.com