30 January 2012

Sketchbook dump

Finally got around to scanning my sketchbook. Tried not to be too selective, so the quality is very varied. Hold on to your eye bleach :I. There are mostly lifedrawings, but also some random imaginary doodles

26 January 2012

Lifedrawing batch

Selected lifedrawings from this year so far. I feel like I don't draw enough and my traditional techniques are really inconsistent. I should get back to doing still lifes, i remember last year I was doing quite well with fineliners and inkwashes.

18 January 2012

The Dollhouse - shameless promotion

Here's the reason why I'm barely updating this place lately:
The Dollhouse
This is my final major project blog I'm doing together with my friend Sai (aka Sade Ali :P). Back at the beginning of Semester 1 she came up with the idea of doing this awesome surreal Circus/love hotel and I knew I wanted to work on this straight away, even though employers will probably not be too impressed. Just opened this blog to public today - I was advised not to, but I'm too much of an attentionwhore to just keep it closed throughout the whole year. At the moment a lot of the stuff there is concept art, but we've entered the building stage this week, so expect lots of 3D.

13 January 2012


Heli from my rooftop level.


Finished (sort of) rooftop-so glad to be finally done with this. Now I can finally fully devout myself to my final major project C:

04 January 2012

Painter practice

Painter is terribly slow and awkward to use still :I But I feel that I need to get good at it anyway.