09 October 2012

07 September 2012

no more hiatus

This blog is ridicuosly outdated. I haven't been posting here because all my stuff is very personal and not industry-relevant at the moment. However looking through my latest posts, it seems like my own website doesn't represent me at all! So yeah, some embarassing personal works from the past weeks. Relevant to a webcomic i'm sort of planning..again? still? I don't even know anymore. Yay cheap-old-video-game-effect! So cyberpunk. oh and the last one is a self portrait.

01 July 2012

Sort of back!

The blog has a domain again :D Except that I had to buy a new one, so now it's http://www.mary-safro.com/ .
Other than that, I don't have much stuff to post. I've been busy doing an internship at Lockwood for the past couple of months, and haven't done as much personal work as I should. There are some bits I've done during my self-dev though, so I'll probably post them eventually. Work is pretty cool though, I got a lot of help while trying to learn Maya, and I doubt I could pick it up as fast on my own.

Another thing I learned at my job is that I REALLY need speech therapy. This is becoming frustrating and hard to ignore, particularly with people who don't know me all that well. Why can't I have subtitles?! :(

This month I'll mostly be preoccupied with packing, looking for a place to live and generally figuring out what to do with my life (particularly if my internship won't lead onto a job..although I very much hope it does! D:) Ideally I'd like to go to Europe and have a nice long break..but it will have to wait until I have a flat and spare moneys (read: never)

Hopefully now that the website's functioning again, I'll be more motivated to do art. We all know there's not point in art if you don't post it. Kidding. Kind of. Also, this place needs a new design. Something less retina-destructive.

PS. I barely posted anything FMP-related on this blog, and it makes it seem like I haven't been doing anything this year. Well, I have! So there. Terrible windows movie maker flythrough, At least I tried.

08 May 2012


..This is what I do when I'm supposed to do work.
Also, this blog will probably die soon because I can't pay for the domain just yet. YAY.

25 March 2012

Weapon finished

Submitted it yesterday. Ridiculous tricount and all, still a lot of things I could fix. But next week we're having assessments and presentations, so time to get back to my FMP XD

10 March 2012

Darksiders II contest

Some concepts I did for the Darksider's II weapon contest. Turned out their style isn't as simple to replicate as it seems XD Not a great fan of the design, but I want to put as much time as possible into modelling and texturing it to a high standard. I probably won't win, but it would make a good portfolio piece in any case :)

04 March 2012


Finally did some lifedrawings with friends again. I've been neglecting portraiture sessions for ages now because of all the 3D work (and general lazyness), so the drawings came out pretty rusty :/ I should paint more.

10 February 2012

acid nights

Some painting I did few days ago. Thought I'd post it here after all. Primary colours are fun! 

30 January 2012

Sketchbook dump

Finally got around to scanning my sketchbook. Tried not to be too selective, so the quality is very varied. Hold on to your eye bleach :I. There are mostly lifedrawings, but also some random imaginary doodles

26 January 2012

Lifedrawing batch

Selected lifedrawings from this year so far. I feel like I don't draw enough and my traditional techniques are really inconsistent. I should get back to doing still lifes, i remember last year I was doing quite well with fineliners and inkwashes.

18 January 2012

The Dollhouse - shameless promotion

Here's the reason why I'm barely updating this place lately:
The Dollhouse
This is my final major project blog I'm doing together with my friend Sai (aka Sade Ali :P). Back at the beginning of Semester 1 she came up with the idea of doing this awesome surreal Circus/love hotel and I knew I wanted to work on this straight away, even though employers will probably not be too impressed. Just opened this blog to public today - I was advised not to, but I'm too much of an attentionwhore to just keep it closed throughout the whole year. At the moment a lot of the stuff there is concept art, but we've entered the building stage this week, so expect lots of 3D.

13 January 2012


Heli from my rooftop level.


Finished (sort of) rooftop-so glad to be finally done with this. Now I can finally fully devout myself to my final major project C:

04 January 2012

Painter practice

Painter is terribly slow and awkward to use still :I But I feel that I need to get good at it anyway.