13 November 2011

Freud final

Completely forgot about my Freud model. Had a lot of rigging issues and everything, but thought I'd finish it anyway.
Also, discovered some pretty cool effects in Zbrush yesterday while playing around with Clay Polish. Instant zombifier: *A*

12 November 2011

Played around with the new zbrush yesterday, decided to make a stylised, chiseled character. This was fun (although I should have shaped the suit part a bit better) :D Let's just pretend I wasn't supposed to do uni work :I

10 November 2011

Alleyway concept

Today we had an awesome workshop with Mitch Small. Here's something quick I did-we were supposed to concept a NY alleyway using photorefs and 3D blockouts. I didnt do as well as I hoped, but at least I learned a few tricks to practice :) 

08 November 2011

Venus with the Apple

I can't believe it's done. I was getting so stuck with this sculpture. Very draining project, but i learned a lot :)

And here's the original hipoly mesh in progress:

If I have time at the end of semester, I might redo the normal map and and sculpt the hair better, as well as solve some rigging issues. But right now I really ran out of time on this.