20 October 2011

Delicious Zbrush

Haven't updated this blog in a while >:I
Uni work is getting busy, and lack of posts might seem like I'm not doing anything. Truth is, I'm doing loads of stuff, but none of it is finished (and won't be for a while)
Here's my Final Major Project research blog. I'll most likely post my paintings and concepts in both blogs, however all the photos, random thoughts and whining will go there.
Besides researching Chinese environments, I've also been thinking about doing a joint FMP with my friend Sai, who's doing a classy brothel sort of thing. If my teachers will reject my original idea I'll probably go with that, as
there is so much cool stuff I could do D:
like this deer I've been sculpting:

Besides FMP stuff, we have two other projects to finish before Christmas.
Here's a wip of a sculpture I've been working on. This one's made entirely from a Zsphere armature. Originally I tried using Zsketch to draw the mass in, but the final version had an absolutely horrible topology. This one's actually workable. I'm also making the same  mesh straight in Max, just to get used to it.

And here's the sculpture I'm trying to replicate. "Venus with apple" by Bertel Thorvaldsen. Up until yesterday I was sure I'm sculpting Aphrodite, some website had this picture in the Aphrodite section. Damn you, Internets D:

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