29 September 2011


First lifedrawing session with friends after the painfully long summer break :) I missed doing it. Definitely didn't miss posing, though. I'm pretty happy with the result, although I'm hoping to get more confident with colour next time.

                                              Anime desu desu!

26 September 2011

Can't believe I haven't posted for so long. Recently I was busy with a job, moving back to the UK and attending Eurogamer :) Luckily, I'm all settled in, and done with freelance. Can't wait to practice 3D! Tomorrow I'm starting a new personal character project.  Meanwhile, here's that pigman I've been trying to finish for ages. Looks horrible and the anatomy is awful, but it was a good learning experience. Don't want to work on that thing ever again XD

03 September 2011

all work and no play

Just realised it's been ages since I've posted anything. And yet I was ridicuously busy this week. In fact, I still have so much work to do, I shouldn't be allowed any time to doodle. I'm currently doing some concepts for a cityville-like game, it's pretty challenging, but hopefully this experience will prove itself useful. And having money is always nice. 
I do miss 3D modelling though, and I still want to finish that pig character which I have successfully retopologised and just need to retexture the body :C Maybe later.
Meanwhile, silly things I scribble for stress release-