24 August 2011

granny from hell

This is what distracting myself with Zbrush does. D: Creeepyyy. I mostly focused on texturing/painting the skin in this one. Just downloaded a tutorial on eyes though, so hopefully next time i'll actually use subtools for them, instead of sculpting them straight into the face XD

23 August 2011

Self 2

I felt like updating my blog, but all the stuff I've been working on recently were commissions. So I decided to do a quick selfportrait XD It's been a while since I've done any studies. Felt a bit rusty. I am a horrible lifemodel, too- I can't even pose to myself without distracting, jeez! The face is as derp as always, but I'm happy with the colours. Wanted to spend more time on the jacket and all, but my back was in pain >:/
-just realised I only drew one eyebrow. hurrrr

19 August 2011

Retopology adventures

Okay, I do realise that posting the same goddamn head three times in a row isn't making my blog any more exciting, but this is important! Kinda. I've just baked the details on to my retopo mesh and it looks just like it's supposed to. (ignore the neck, I'll bake it once I make the body) Before I used to make my lowpoly mesh in max, add the detail in Zbrush and then bake it, and for some reason this would always leave me with problems, areas losing detail or random artefacts. Perfectly fixable with Photoshop, of course, but still annoying. With retopology method, the end result looks exactly like the original sculpt. 
I'm not sure if I'm happy with the mesh without the normal map - it doesn't look as defined as it should, despite the decent polycount. But I guess if I work on my topology a bit more, I'll do a better job next time.

17 August 2011

Scumbag Mecha looter!

Super-speedy. I wanted to draw something serious, but noooo. I just had to come up with something retarded :') Oh well. 
"Got me a bitchin' TV!"

16 August 2011

pigman retopo

Tweaked the pigman in Zbrush some more and thought I should try retopologising it. For this one I used 3D coat. Works well, but I haven't done modelling in so long it looks like total crap :/ Trying to maintain a reasonable polycount with all the nessesary edgeloops=epic fail. The nose and chin have way too many polys that don't contribute to anything. Maybe I should restart :/

15 August 2011


I've realised it's been way too long since I've done any 3D. So I decided to get back to it by doing some sketching in Zbrush.  Started by sculpting a relatively normal human head, but then I decided to mess around with it and turned it into a pig :/ The original head still exists though, I might make a proper model out of it. 

12 August 2011

Devilette Spawning

Copying DA description, because I'm lazy.
I've been working on this on and off for a week or two, in small chunks (which is pretty different from my usual way of working). Originally wanted to come up with a fire-y sort of character, using just yellow and red palette. But then I added some black for contrast and this is when it went completely off the plan, not that I'm complaining XD Funny how the legs look the least finished, although I've started with them and probably spent just as much time as on everything else. 

Need to do some studies. What kind of sketchblog only has finished stuff in it? :<

11 August 2011

Urban Shaman

Dammit blogger, WHY U NO WORK when I finish a painting for once :D Anyway, posting it now.

This was originally a quick distraction warm up, but I liked the girl's face so I decided to turn it into a proper character concept
I've been interested in mixing tribal with cyberpunk, and while this is a very rushed and unresearched attempt, it's still a start I guess.
Skirt pattern from cgtextures
I should seriously stop with the white backgrounds. Imagining a background after the character's done always seemed kinda silly though, so I guess my only solution is planning environment from the start.

08 August 2011

I've no idea why I'm posting this wonky doodle. But why not, it is a sketchbook afterall. Drew this at the opencanvas session with a friend. It's closely related to that Crowbar picture I did earlier. Every time I get an idea I exploit it for weeks, thinking of random stories until I get completely bored. >:/

07 August 2011

Penguin splash screen

An art test I did for a job. I won't reveal any details of it for now, but hopefully I'll get lucky :) If not, it's still a pretty neat portfolio piece. Although I do wish I worked more on the background, but I wanted to make sure I hit the deadline.

02 August 2011

redneck versus redneck

Just distracted myself (again) to test some photoshop brushes and ended up with this.
Hell yeah, zombie village 8/ This is so random.