15 June 2011

Tokyo alleyway

So I've realised that designing a whole racing track would take me way too long to produce any sort of decent results, especially since I had so many problems building it already. However, I didn't want to give up on the location I've chosen entirely, especially after all that prepwork and research. I've decided to make a simple street instead, and pay as much attention to the props, lighting and atmosphere as possible. Alleyways in Tokyo are crammed with all sorts of stuff-wires and cables, bicycles, crates, plants, signs and menus. I'll definitely manage to keep myself occupied even with this simplified task.

My main problem was finding the exact street I want to do, all the reference I gathered up to now were separate photos, but i couldn't find any of that stuff in Googlemaps. Today I have finally found the exact name and location of one of the alleyways, Omoide Yokocho, located in Shinjuku. Luckily it was on Googlemaps, so I managed to gather loads of awesome refs 8D

Anyway, I haven't done much so far, but now that I've done the most intimidating bit, things will pick up i'm sure :D
A very simple block out, I was mostly just playing around with the lighting

First two assets! This house was done before I found the googlemaps reference, so it was mostly imagineered. Hopefully it will fit in with the rest. I kind of want them to look slightly wonky, but not too cartoony. 
But yeah, updates will follow soon :0

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