20 June 2011

My very first rant post here

Some test work I was doing for a small indie developer recently. They seemed very interested, but at the very last moment preferred to go with someone else :( Darn. Then again, they wanted me to be a games designer and an artist in one, which probably wouldn't work out anyway. I hope they do realise those processes have very little in common. Game design requires analytical thinking and math skills, not just pure creativity. Oh well, at least I'll have some more stuff for my portfolio now. I might finish that little robot character in Flash or Illustrator.

But yeah, my luck with jobs has been very, very bad lately. There's this really annoying trend lately, where people send me positive responses, negotiate rates and details and clearly want to work with me, and then they suddenly stop replying or change their minds, or say they will contact me later. Just makes me wonder if I'm doing something wrong, or if there's always someone better than me popping up at the last second.  I suppose that's just how business works. Le sigh!
I've managed to earn some pennies on Fiverr by drawing really, really cheap caricatures of people, but it obviously doesn't pay off and the results are too cringe worthy to be posted here XD. I'ts a fun website though. People think of all sorts of ways to whore themselves out for 5$, it's pretty amazing.

I'm guessing it's time to book a flight home, as worrying about my finances really distracts me from learning 3D stuff and  developing skills I'll need in the near future. Come to think of it, it would be much more promising for my career to spend this summer at home without money, studying 3D, concept art and doing self initiated work, rather than drawing furries for pennies.

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