28 June 2011

angler fish

Few days ago I've decided to model an angler fish. I freakin love those species and I wanted to sculpt one for ages :0 They're just so delightfully creepy.
 Here's a Zbrush sculpt I've made. Still kinda wonky, but I think I'm getting there. As it usually happens, I ran into a few problems when baking a normal map from it, probably because the original model is too low poly and  I messed around in Zbrush too much. Fortunately, I managed to fix most of it in Photoshop. Some parts had to be blurred out, but i think it should look just fine after I texture it tomorrow :D
One thing I learned for sure is that all the elements of the mesh should be baked separately. I knew about it ages ago from the very first tutorial I watched, but I'm just one of those people who needs to step on the rake a good few times before I get why it's not a good idea >:C
Clearly there's no shortcuts in quality 3D modelling :V

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