28 June 2011

angler fish

Few days ago I've decided to model an angler fish. I freakin love those species and I wanted to sculpt one for ages :0 They're just so delightfully creepy.
 Here's a Zbrush sculpt I've made. Still kinda wonky, but I think I'm getting there. As it usually happens, I ran into a few problems when baking a normal map from it, probably because the original model is too low poly and  I messed around in Zbrush too much. Fortunately, I managed to fix most of it in Photoshop. Some parts had to be blurred out, but i think it should look just fine after I texture it tomorrow :D
One thing I learned for sure is that all the elements of the mesh should be baked separately. I knew about it ages ago from the very first tutorial I watched, but I'm just one of those people who needs to step on the rake a good few times before I get why it's not a good idea >:C
Clearly there's no shortcuts in quality 3D modelling :V

25 June 2011

first blobby zbrush head

Played around with the Zbrush today. Its interface was confusing me for months, but today I've finally started watching a fundamental video tutorial on it and managed to get something done. I actually like it better than Mudbox now, although Mudbox has a much better UI. But yeah, I'm hoping to get some proper character designs done in the next few weeks. I intend to figure out my 3D specialisation by the end of summer! >:D

22 June 2011

iron bird

Seems like I got back into Sculpey. Here's a freaky mask. 

20 June 2011

My very first rant post here

Some test work I was doing for a small indie developer recently. They seemed very interested, but at the very last moment preferred to go with someone else :( Darn. Then again, they wanted me to be a games designer and an artist in one, which probably wouldn't work out anyway. I hope they do realise those processes have very little in common. Game design requires analytical thinking and math skills, not just pure creativity. Oh well, at least I'll have some more stuff for my portfolio now. I might finish that little robot character in Flash or Illustrator.

But yeah, my luck with jobs has been very, very bad lately. There's this really annoying trend lately, where people send me positive responses, negotiate rates and details and clearly want to work with me, and then they suddenly stop replying or change their minds, or say they will contact me later. Just makes me wonder if I'm doing something wrong, or if there's always someone better than me popping up at the last second.  I suppose that's just how business works. Le sigh!
I've managed to earn some pennies on Fiverr by drawing really, really cheap caricatures of people, but it obviously doesn't pay off and the results are too cringe worthy to be posted here XD. I'ts a fun website though. People think of all sorts of ways to whore themselves out for 5$, it's pretty amazing.

I'm guessing it's time to book a flight home, as worrying about my finances really distracts me from learning 3D stuff and  developing skills I'll need in the near future. Come to think of it, it would be much more promising for my career to spend this summer at home without money, studying 3D, concept art and doing self initiated work, rather than drawing furries for pennies.

19 June 2011

I still find selfportraits very hard. The lighting was grey and boring today, so I decided to make it black and white. 

15 June 2011

Tokyo alleyway

So I've realised that designing a whole racing track would take me way too long to produce any sort of decent results, especially since I had so many problems building it already. However, I didn't want to give up on the location I've chosen entirely, especially after all that prepwork and research. I've decided to make a simple street instead, and pay as much attention to the props, lighting and atmosphere as possible. Alleyways in Tokyo are crammed with all sorts of stuff-wires and cables, bicycles, crates, plants, signs and menus. I'll definitely manage to keep myself occupied even with this simplified task.

My main problem was finding the exact street I want to do, all the reference I gathered up to now were separate photos, but i couldn't find any of that stuff in Googlemaps. Today I have finally found the exact name and location of one of the alleyways, Omoide Yokocho, located in Shinjuku. Luckily it was on Googlemaps, so I managed to gather loads of awesome refs 8D

Anyway, I haven't done much so far, but now that I've done the most intimidating bit, things will pick up i'm sure :D
A very simple block out, I was mostly just playing around with the lighting

First two assets! This house was done before I found the googlemaps reference, so it was mostly imagineered. Hopefully it will fit in with the rest. I kind of want them to look slightly wonky, but not too cartoony. 
But yeah, updates will follow soon :0

13 June 2011

wasp vs octopus

Easily the best thing I've drawn in months. I'm very proud of myself.

Our tutor asked us to work with creative writers and do some art for them in the second semester. Turned out not enough people contributed, so we were asked to do it again for another student. This time I'm not happy with the result at all, but at least now they can't say we haven't tried XD

12 June 2011


Decided to do some photostudies. I always thought drawing from photos isn't a good way of practicing, however, after seeing mr Tristan Silva doing his photostudies for a while, I thought it might be a good idea after all- provided I don't colour pick or trace a photo. 
Based on the photo of this awesome model
Not happy with the result at all, somehow drawing from photos is even trickier than studies from life :0

10 June 2011


I should really start painting more. Not sure how long this took me, 40 minutes perhaps?

09 June 2011


I, Mary Safro, cannot wait for the realease of this game, Duck Nukem: Feathers.

08 June 2011

This looks like a very cheap parody of environment concepts, but I'm gonna post it anyway. Just to remind myself of where I need to improve :/
In the past few weeks I've been busy mostly looking for jobs, both art and regular ones. Unfortunately so far it has not been very successful, even freelance jobs are really hard to get. Outso still haven't gotten back to me (or anyone), and I'm so tired of desperately trying to arrange my activities this summer, it has started to affect my productivity. I wish I just..knew what to do and had some sort of an income so I could enjoy doing art without pressure :/
Anyway, here are some of the traditional doodles I've done in the past month or so, mostly from life. Finally I get to use a "traditional" tag for my posts :)

06 June 2011


My friends got me addicted to pokemon 8[ I started off playing Silver, then tried out the new Pokemon Black and got hooked. Goddammit!

03 June 2011


Recently I've been working on a racing track brief given to us by one of the visiting lecturers. I chose to do Tokyo, Shibuya district in particular. Haven't been very happy with my whiteboxing/designing skills, so I couldn't really find anything to post. Today I decided to stop torturing myself and actually do something I enjoy: painting stupid crap! This is an overpaint of a Shibuya river bottom in my level. I'm thinking of modelling some fish there and other fun stuff :) I just wish I could get the whiteboxing out of the way and get to modelling already!