31 May 2011


Random fooling around. Colour overlaying and effects left about 30% of what I've originally drawn XD Haven't drawn any of my old creations in ages. I still want to revive the whole cheesy cyber-horror universe thingie I had in mind, alas, I've been constantly busy with other things. (although it's probably just my poor time management) But if I finally got time and, most importantly, inspiration for a new comic, that's the visual style I'd go for.

For now all I want is to finally sort out this summer so I wouldn't feel guilty for doing things I enjoy. 

18 May 2011

Just finished texturing the tree bark. I decided to go with the chunky hand painted textures for this project, and it was quite annoying at first, but i think in the end I managed to get the look I was going for. Guess I can finally allow myself some sleep *A*

17 May 2011

The spooky tree

A wip for a small environment I'm currently doing for my 3D portfolio. I've realised that I really need to learn doing trees and organic things. Hopefully I'll have time to do a nice handpainted texture for it - I'm going to an open day at Outso this Thursday and this should ideally be done by then.

15 May 2011


Sandslug. It's angry because the sand irritates it :C Done purely for fun <3

14 May 2011

Some more concepts for the CGhub fairytale thing. Although by now I've changed the whole layout for my final image, so I guess I'll have to redraw all characters anyway >:C


09 May 2011

town musicians of bremen - wip 3

more work for the fairytale contest.

black widow

Finally, now that the uni's over I can post silly scribbles again. I'm hoping to experiment with colour and textures much more from now on :)

07 May 2011

Bremen Town Musicians

Some sketches for cghub's fairytale competition. I decided to modernise the story of Bremen Town Musicians : D I probably need more pop culture references and what not, but for now I'm just looking at different styles

03 May 2011

Betty Boop and the Great Depression

Another Uni aassignment. Can't say I'm too happy with it, but it really needed to get done >:/ I missed drawing in SAI, it makes everything so smooth :[